Portable Generators

Keep the electricity on during your event

Electricity is essential at all events, we provide generators to power most equipment.

Generators are installed by qualified electricians and set up as required by Chilling Affairs.

These units comfortably power our refrigerated trailer units as well as our marquee air conditioning and heating units assuring you of a constant temperature both in your fridges as well as in your event spaces.

Available if required as a backup plan especially during the current power cuts.

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Additional Equipment to hire

Additional accessories and necessities for your event

Powerful Generator

Plug it in and go, no fuss.

External Lock

Keep your food and beverage safe.

Internal light

Perfect for day or night functions.


Park it anywhere, keeps trailer stable.

External Thermometer

Monitor temperature from outside.


Keep things organised with plenty of shelf space.

Stainless Steel Floor

Hygienic and clean.

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